Continuum Interplanetary Travel

Continuum is a concept project designed imagining as if travelling at close to the speed of light is possible in today’s world. The idea’s starting point was twins paradox, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. When I realized that twins paradox is not really a paradox, or at least does not enclose a contradiction according to the theory, I started to fantasize about time dilation, and find it quite funny to think about how our society would take it. The Facebook connection and advertisement factor are twists to break a possible utopia perception and lead people who experience the project to think the way I do about time dilation; with a little humour in it. After the fun, the reality comes. My space traveller friend Muharrem who visited Tau Ceti e will be still 23 years old as I will age 23 big years. Of course, if I will not go on an interstellar travel myself. But what if I don’t have enough money or what about people who don’t have enough money? Or what would age mean if my parents could be younger than me? So it turned into a dystopian concept for me.

The selected planets are among the closest potentially habitable exoplanets. And Alpha Centauri tour is a salute to Stephen Hawking. I remained royal to the real distances, and calculated the time dilation assuming the acceleration of travellers is 200G.